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Drink Driving Scotland


Drinking and Driving

There are few things that you can do behind the wheel that can land you in as much trouble as Drink Driving Scotland, but the reality is that this offense is incredibly common and there is a decent chance that this could happen to you, even if you simply had a few drinks and got pulled over. Many people do not realize that they are over the limit and will get into a vehicle, most of the time after they have built up a tolerance to alcohol and do not feel the effects as much anymore. Whatever the case may be, you are definitely going to have to go to court and go in front of a judge, who is going to hand you down a sentence. The best course of action you have is to contact a lawyer to represent you in court, who can hopefully get the charges dropped to a lesser charge or thrown out entirely.

Getting a Lawyer

You do not want to get stuck with a DUI on your record, as it can cause you all sorts of problems down the line. Not only is your insurance going to go up, but your license could be suspended and you will likely have to pay up a ton of money to the city and will have to attend DUI classes, which also cost a great deal of money and are flat out not fun to go to. A lawyer gives you the best shot to avoid all of this trouble and you might be surprised at how many loop holes there are. Police officers have to follow specific procedures when you get a DUI and often time's there are things that they did not do correctly, giving you the chance to get out of your case.